Ulysses has tattooed on himself everything that has happened and also that will happen after: Polyphemus, Circe, the sirens, the return to Ithaca … Pythagoras, Aeneas, Dante, Orlando, Romeo & Juliet, Don Quijote, Newton, Pinocchio, Treasure Island, Charles Darwin, Sherlock Holmes, Albert Einstein, Bilbo Baggins, Alan Turing, Luke Skywalker, Pacman, The Alchemist, Harry Potter, Tim … Continued

Peter Pan

Peter Pan was born in 1904 as a theatrical play and the text is a real masterpiece, much more mysterious and magical than the fictionalized reduction that Barrie himself later did. When the writer was 7, his older brother David died in a frozen lake. That tragedy affected Barrie’s life and became a recurring thought … Continued

Treasure Island

… it is a book full of wind, imagination, adventure, childhood Antonio Tabucchi Treasure Island is one of the books that push me to be reread every now and then, as well as the Rampant Baron, The Hobbit, Pinocchio … Treasure Island is all in Jim Hawkins inside the barrel of apples, from which he … Continued

Faces of writers

Grossman, Dumas, Calvino, Buzzati, Sepulveda, Omero, Victor Hugo, Cervantes, Eggers, Dostoevskij, Dowd, Shakespeare, Dante, Manzoni, Goethe, Neruda, Borges, Mo Yan, Emily Dickinson, Primo Levi, Neil Gaiman, Franz Kafka, Hemingway, J. M. Barrie…