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A masterpiece of literature is great when it manages to bring vivid and powerful images out of the conscience of the reader. So in the… Read More »Aeneas

Women 2 drive

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  1810 a.C. Hammurabi 1375 a.C. Akhenaton 950 a.C. Omero 580 a.C. Pitagora 551 a.C. Confucio 428 a.C. Platone 69 a.C. Cleopatra 350 Ipazia 598… Read More »Women 2 drive

The Hobbit

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Tolkien’s best book for me     Il Signore degli Anelli

odissea illustrazioni


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Ulysses has tattooed on himself everything that has happened and also that will happen after: Polyphemus, Circe, the sirens, the return to Ithaca … Pythagoras,… Read More »Ulysses