Infinite Dante

Dante infinite
Dante is so complex that it can be read for a lifetime, at all ages, and with each reading it offers us different visions because the Divine Comedy is a real treasure trove of images …
So I also wanted to do my version that is between illustration, comics, cinema, video games.
Reading Dante, in the last 20 years, I have had several illustrative phases: at first all the drawings were desperate, after which a child Dante was born slowly, bewildered and frightened who made me see the comic side. By mixing the two substances, drama and comedy, I left some monsters of the first phase re-set in a lighter comic-book atmosphere, and gave freedom to visions that shed the weight of tragedy.
As Calvino says in his American lectures, the challenge is to make lightness coexist with heaviness.
At the third and fourth reading, where necessary, I added some views that I had skipped and that cinematically link the scenes with fields and reverse fields, trying to envelop the multiple and dreamlike space of Dante’s journey.
Looking at the enlightening videos of Maria Soresina who revisits the comedy in a Cathar key, I still continue to add scenes and characters that I had left out or not understood.
I hope that the result is a non-stereotyped Dante that reaches readers of all ages to make us reflect on our human condition as only the great poet has been able to do for 700 years.

280 drawings

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