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Treasure Island

… it is a book full of wind, imagination, adventure, childhood

Antonio Tabucchi

Treasure Island is one of the books that push me to be reread every now and then, as well as the Rampant Baron, The Hobbit, Pinocchio …
Treasure Island is all in Jim Hawkins inside the barrel of apples, from which he overhears the secret plans of the pirates. In that scene there is an incredible smell of fruit, dark, the croaking voices like the rigging of the sails, the silent stars … and the map of the island that marks the place to dig … the whole adventure takes place in the unconscious of Jim … that hiding place, that listening to secrets and betrayals …
The treasure island is a continuous marine rocking, the appearance of a young soul in the life of the great.
Treasure Island is one of the first books I read, like The Hobbit and Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea; this is why rereading it is as if you go back a lot of years, and the scenes come back to life like the scenes of a dream already made.
43 cartoon illustrations

There is something great in these books, and each reading is a discovery of new images, new sensations, new emotions. These are books that never end!



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